Monday, November 26, 2007

So Much to Do, So Little Time!

I guess we all feel this way this time of year. Now that Thanksgiving is over and my DT application is submitted I'm looking at the list of things I need to get done in the next month and I'm thinking I need to make a plan or I'll never get it all accomplished. Today was grocery shopping day and tomorrow I desperately need to clean house. I can then begin to concentrate on all my projects. Last year I made photo calendars for both girls and they loved them so I thought I'd make them again this year. I need a day to sort photos to go on those and then a week or so on each one. I also have our annual calendar to complete but I usually end up just get January and February complete and then do the rest as I find time in January. Then there's the Christmas cards. I made homemade cards last year and plan to do the same again this year. I also do a newsletter to go in the cards each year. I've purchased the paper and envelopes for that and hopefully will get that started by the weekend. Each year all the women from church plan a party at someone's house for a gift exchange for which we are to bring a homemade gift. I'm considering doing a planner for my homemade gift and use my zutter to bind it all together. Hopefully I can find some pre-made pages I can print off and put together in a book. If not I'll be working overtime on the computer composing my own pages for this. It's getting harder each year to buy for the kids. They are at the point now where they have their own jobs and buy things when they want them. So, trying to find a unique gift to surprise them with is getting tough. I keep looking at the sales papers and hoping that something will hit me as the perfect gift for one of them but I'm drawing a blank so far. Usually there is one "big" item they request but this year they don't even know what they want. This santa job isn't easy. I'm off to the gym now to work off the stress and formulate a plan.

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