Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentines Day Book

For Valentines Day this year, I decided to make a mini album for Russ as a gift. Since we are spending most of the year apart, I figured it would give him something to look at on lonely nights to remember how very much I love him. I took pictures of the book before he left so I could post them on here. They were a big hit in the store. I took it in one day and everyone was buying the books and the paper and quotes to do something similar for their men. The majority of the papers are either Little Yellow Bicycle or Basic Grey (two of my favorites). The mini books we sell at Archivers in the hot spot for $1.99. They bring in new ones for each season.

A few of my Digital Layouts

I haven't finished all my digital classes online but I did make it through the first class by finishing all the projects. I thought I would post of few of the layouts I did for that on here to show that I have mastered a little bit of the "digital world" of scrapbooking. They start out pretty simple and then we learn a little bit more with each one we do. I really need to go back and finish my "Now We're Rocking" lessons and "Digi in Deep" lessons before I start the Type++ class next month. If I can only find a few minutes to get them done. The longest part is deciding on a photo that will work with the project. The valentine class was a "mid-week" assignment challenge and we were to use any papers to put it together. We learned to do a scalloped edge and do type around a circle and cut paper pieces from other papers digitally. Very fun. The "new car" one was from week two. We learned to do list journaling, brushes, Titles with alphabet sets and changing the colors of the fonts. The Cliff Dwellings layout was week three and we learned to do transparency overlays, photo collages, and I forget the rest. I think I should probably go back and review the first class videos before trying to catch up with classes two and three. Just uploading these and looking at them again inspires me to get back to the lessons. I forgot how much fun the digital layouts were. Jessica sure does have a knack for teaching. I learned so much in her classes. I can see though that I will lose the knowledge if I don't put it to use more regularly than I have so far. I started a notebook to right down all the shortcuts I learned and the steps to doing each new technique but it's nice that she keeps the videos on her site so that I can review anytime I need to.
This was week four and we learned a few more journaling tips with varying font sizes and brushes and changing a photo to sepia tones. Cutting parts from various different patterned papers. This page talks about Hannah's Rocky Mtn. High class in HS. They get to learn all about rock climbing, snow shoeing, orienteering in this class. Amber took it both years and Hannah did too. They both say it was one of their most favorite classes in the HS. Hannah entered a rock climbing competition this year and got a second place trophy.

The happiness layout was from week one of "now we're rocking". I'm thinking this is the only one I got done in that class. I've still got three more weeks of lessons from that class and four weeks of lessons from the Digi in Deep class to finish before I can start the Type class. I guess I'll be spending my evenings working on this. I enjoy the digital scrapping but I think I'll stick with my paper scrapping because I still like the feeling of working with paper and playing with all my tools. It's something I've always wanted to learn how to do and I can definitely see parts of digital scrapping that I can translate over to my regular scrapbooks. Sooooo much to learn.....sooooo little time. Maybe after I quit work I can play for awhile before the move. If the current contract goes through to closing, I will have about a month without my scrapping supplies to just work on computer classes. Well maybe I'll keep a few supplies here. I think I'm too attached to them to send everything all at once to Georgia. I'll have to think about that one. Until next time.