Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Has it really been May since I last wrote on my blog? It looks so sad sitting here waiting for an update so I guess it's time to make it a priority for the new year. The last part of 2009 was quite busy so I guess I truly did have an excuse for the neglect. In May my son Cory got married, my daughter Hannah graduated from High School and we made a big move across country to Georgia. I finished the horrible year without Russ and we are now back together again enjoying life in the south. I spent the summer unpacking and decorating the new house we bought in Fayetteville. Russ and I did quite a bit of traveling with his job and on our own and we became empty nesters with the GA move. We had a busy holiday season too. Cory and Stephanie came to visit for Thanksgiving and I had all the kids here at one time. It's always music to my ears to hear their laughter in the house. Christmas was busy as well. I enjoyed decorating the new house with my santas and did the normal baking and shopping and newsletter/card sending. I always feel like I've put in overtime this time of year. For New Year's Eve we had some friends over to play games. I missed having my CO kids over for the night. They were always good to bang pans with me at midnight. Hannah did reluctantly go out and bang some pans with me but her heart really wasn't in it. So now here we are at another New Year. It's hard to believe we are already 10 years into the 2000's. I love this time of year because after the rush of the New Year it's nice to sit back and relax a bit, contemplate what you did in the previous year and make plans for the New Year. I'm not usually a formal resolution maker but I try to set a few goals for the year or at least think about new goals. This year my goal is to be more attentive to others. I want to write more letters, send more cards, visit more people and call more often. Sometimes in the midst of my busy life I find that I put those things on the back burner and although my thoughts are with others, I don't always let them know. For my scrapping goal, I'd like to finish all the digital classes I started, organize my pictures and produce more layouts like I used to do. I have my own little scrapping room full of every tool I'd ever need so it's time to fill up some of these empty books with meaningful layouts. Who knows, maybe I'll even submit a few if I get really brave. So there you have it. My goals for the year in writing. I guess I'll also try to make it a goal to post on my blog more often. Welcome 2010.