Saturday, November 15, 2014

All my Grandkids in One Place!

 It's been our custom since Liam was born that Stephanie's Mom, Shelle would be with Stephanie during the birth of each child and stay for the week following and then I come in for second shift when they are about two weeks old. When Hannah heard I was flying to CO to help with Kinley, she asked if she and Brayden could come along too. She texted Stephanie to make sure it was ok and then got her tickets on my flight so I could help her with Brayden. I was very excited to meet my first granddaughter but it was even more thrilling to know that I'd have all my grandkids in one place for a week. I think I was all smiles all week as I snuggled and loved on each one of them.

Brayden was thrilled to have so many toy options all around him and he was doing pretty good with mastering holding onto the walking toy and pushing it around the room. I think he'll be walking very soon. The boys, were excited to have Hannah there as well as me. They had us climbing into tents for bible class and making forts in the basement. It was good for Hannah to get some time to get to know her nephews too. Dantell decided to come in midweek since he'd never been to CO before. Hannah and Dantrell and I took the boys to the zoo while Cory and Stephanie went to the Dr. about some complications with her healing from surgery. Hannah was thrilled to see the giraffes (one of her favorites) and she even kissed an Orangutan through the glass.

We had a fun afternoon with the boys. I think Hannah found her match with Liam as the perfect arguing partner. They had me laughing as she had answers for every argument Liam posed. He didn't know how to answer her after awhile since she's so good at it. They are a lot alike in the stubborn area so it was fun to watch them try to out stubborn each other.

I was especially thrilled to get my picture taken with all my grandkids together. It was hard to get them all looking and smiling at the same time but the outtakes are kinda fun. I cherish every moment I have with each of them. This Nana's heart was quite happy with all my bundles of joy all around me.