Monday, January 28, 2013

Holidays 2012

It's hard to believe that January is almost over and I'm just now writing about the holidays. I guess it's taken me this long to recover. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it at least. It took me several weeks to get all the pictures edited and ready for facebook after about two weeks of downtime with my back. It was worth every bit of back pain to have my grandbabies in my arms for a whole week.

This Mom was working overtime this holiday season with a smile plastered on her face because she had the entire family home together. I was determined that I would not give a single gift card this year but would instead shop for each person with intention and attention to what they like. I think I did pretty well since only one person needed to return some things. Out of 8 people that I shopped for that's not too bad.  I had all the shopping done and wrapped before Hannah and Dantrell arrived. Russ was traveling two weeks in December so I knew it would be up to me to do the santa job this year. (of course it's that way most years). We had a wonderful 29th anniversary. We had dinner at the Village Cafe and exchanged gifts there. He gave me a new watch and I replaced his bracelet from 25th anniversary that he lost.

Cory and Stephanie and the boys arrived on Christmas Eve and we had to go in two cars to pick them up. I had also rounded up car seats and beds and baby items before they got here so the boys would feel right at home. I made Pulled Pork BBQ for dinner and then we took Liam in the car to see the Christmas lights. It was so much fun watching the wonder in his eyes. He loved them. I gave everyone Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve. We slept in on Christmas Day and had to wait for everyone to get up to open presents. I made the traditional cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  After presents were opened I spent the morning in the kitchen making Christmas dinner of Ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, mac and cheese, homemade rolls and corn. I taught Stephanie how to make homemade rolls and she made one batch herself.

We played all our Christmas games and Russ and the kids went to see the Hobbit. We had family portraits taken at JC Penneys as well as did some informal ones in the back yard. I enjoyed my morning breakfasts with Liam. He would chatter at me like a real conversation but I had no clue what he was saying. I would hear a lot of "so's" and "yeah's" mixed in there. We did a lot of singing together as well. I taught him the song "Twinkle Twinkle" and he loved the "up above the world so high" part and kept going around singing that. I gave him one of Cory's favorite books for Christmas...Over in the Meadow... and we read it almost every day and he loved it like his daddy did. We counted the animals and looked at all the pictures. They say they have to read it to him everyday now. He's a smart kid and eager to learn. Loved my snuggles with him, all the hugs he gave and even holding him while he slept.  Ryan was fun to hold and snuggle as well. I loved feeding and holding him and watching him sleep. He's starting to get more smiley now and seemed to enjoy looking at books with me too. It's always hard to say goodbye to them because I know they will change so much before our next visit.

I love my family and love having them near. It's something I resigned myself to when we started making so many moves that our kids will all probably live away from us. I cherish these times when we can all be together because I know that they will be fewer and farther apart. Having them home with laughter in the house brings a smile to my heart every time. So thankful for a wonderful holiday spent with family.