Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family. We will be spending our day with some friends and this will be the first year in a long time that I have not cooked on Thanksgiving. I've just finished making my homemade pumpkin pies and chocolate cream pies (for Hannah). We are really missing Amber this year. It's not the same without the whole gang here. She is spending her week with my niece in Georgia. I'll have to eat some pie for her.

Here are a few more layouts for my scrapping friends who come and check to see my latest work.
This is a page about my daughter Hannah. I had done a similar page about Amber when she turned 17 for one of my classes and I didn't want Hannah to think that I love Amber more than her. I always worry about something happening to me and the kids counting up my layouts and finding I have done more of one child than another. I try to keep things equal for them. The title for this was done with my cricut. The cartridge was opposites attract. The journaling blocks are from my new favorite stamps called "See D's" stamps by Inque Boutique. I love them because the come already cut out for you. You just pull them apart from the plastic they were cut from. They come with a mat for stamping and restickable adhesive one them for mounting on blocks, and my favorite thing is that they have the design printed on the back of them so that when you are stamping you can line them up easily. I've always liked clear stamps because you can see where you're stamping but they lose their cling and stain very easily. I've always preferred the rubber stamps because of the detail that they allow. So these stamps give me all the things I want in a stamp set without having to buy anything extra. They even have their own CD cases to store them in. The best thing yet is that they are priced lower than most stamps so I can go crazy buying more. These particular stamps are fun because they look like an old notebook page. I stamped the words on them with a new alphabet stamp set that I got from a Japanese vendor at a local trade show. Wish I would have bought a few of his other fonts now because I love these stamps as well. What can I say, I'm a stampaholic. I keep bugging the local scrapbook stores to get more of these See D's stamps. I saw a nice selection of them when I took my daughter to Fla for college and had to limit my purchases because of time constraints. I was thrilled when they started getting them here. They are now calling me when they get new ones in so I can check them out first since they know I'm so excited about them.
This is a simple page. One of the simplest I've ever done actually. My daughter took this picture of herself last spring from college and I loved the picture. It called to me for an enlarged one photo page. Then I was called to come and work in the store for a few days and they had just received these transparency overlays by Fancy Pants (I believe) and it said "Bloom where you are planted" and I said...."This is what I need for that picture. So I picked out a background paper, put the picture in the center and popped the overlay on top and I was done but it all just seemed to go together perfectly. I almost felt guilty for doing something so easy but nothing else was needed to complete the page.
One of our cats, Gizmo, got sick over the summer and had to spend almost a week at the vets. He is Hannah's kitty and they are best friends. He follows her everywhere and loves to jump in her lap and give her hugs whenever she sits down. He got depressed while at the vets and I told them it was because he is such a "people" kitty and needed his family. We went and spent an evening with him and the top picture of the small photos is of him hugging Hannah when he finally got to see her. I saw the idea for this page from the crafttvweekly webisode by Tricia Morris from Club Scrap. It's a waterfall page and you pull the tab at the bottom and it flips up the other pictures so you can see them all. I had fun putting this page together when I was attending a Club Scrap weekend retreat and Tricia came to the crop and checked it for me. I borrowed the quote stamp from one of the girls attending the crop who was sharing her Club Scrap stamps.
Here's how the page looks when the tab is pulled to flip up the other photos. The quote stamp reads "To be loved is to live forever in someone's heart." Stamped on each of the flip up pictures is "Best Friends from the start". They have such a unique relationship that it needed to be documented. She was pretty sad when he was at the vets for so long and we were all missing him that week. We also have his sister who is Amber's kitty and she is much smaller and keeps to herself more than he does. She loves music though and follows Russ through the house anytime he starts whistling. It's funny to watch how he can call her inside just by whistling and can get her to come and sit in his lap if he whistles.
This page is a scraplifted page from my UK friend, Anne Perry. Several of my friends work for the British magazine "Scrapbook Inspirations" and I grab a copy of the magazine whenever I'm in the bookstore just so I can see some of their latest work. One similar to this was published in the magazine by Anne and I loved it and couldn't wait to use the idea. I made the page for the store for one of the crops. It was funny to see all the complaints about having to sew on a page. Once they did it though they were so happy with their pages. Thanks Anne for the page idea. You always inspire me with your work. It's so much fun to pick up that magazine and see so many of my British friends' faces all through it. Who knew I was hanging out with all the up and coming stars of the British scrapping world. (For those of you that don't know, I lived in England for four years and Germany for 1 year as the scrapbooking craze was beginning there and I watched it bloom into quite a booming industry. I had many weekend crops with the pioneers of the scrapping craze in the UK and I've learned a lot from many of them as our styles evolved together). That's all for tonight. I need to get some sleep for the big holiday meal tomorrow.

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