Monday, June 20, 2011

Scrapbook Room

 I was looking back over my earlier blog entries and realized that I'd shared my scrapping room at our previous house but had never posted any pictures from my current scraproom so here it is.  It is packed full of supplies that will last me a lifetime.  This first picture is my computer area.  I have a bulletin board on the back wall where I post inspirational quotes etc.
 Here's a close-up of the desk where I spend all my time either working on digital pages, browsing facebook or pinning on pinterest.  Although you can't hear it, I've usually got a little piano music courtesy of my pianist husband serenading me while I work in the evenings. 
 This shelf houses my albums I'm working on and my big shot and zutter.  I filled the rest of the shelf with pictures and things that inspire me.
 This next picture shows the area where I scrapbook.  I got the table from my daughter's apt.  They were discarding it and it was perfect for my room so I snagged it.  It's usually scattered with paper and embellishments.  I work better once I get messy. 
 I really want to paint the room in a color I love but I put this quote up when we first moved in and hate to lose it when I paint.  I may just have to tape it off and make a frame around it. 

 As you can see I've got quite a big collection of scrapbook inspirational books.  Whenever I'm stuck for an idea I just start browsing my books and something inspires me.
 I got this pie safe at a yard sale a friend was having and I was so excited to get it for my room.  It houses many of my stamps.  My cats have a little window seat to sleep in while I scrap.  They like hanging out with me in the scrapping den.
 Another yard sale find was my paint holder.  I think the girl holding the sale used to be a store owner because she was selling many of her racks for supplies.  I was thrilled to get this and have a place to organize all my paints.
 One more close up of my hobby lobby shelf.  My Mom gave me a bunch of old cameras that she had throughout her house last time I was home visiting so they are scattered throughout my room too. 

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