Thursday, October 13, 2011

Goodbye Summer

Another summer has come and gone and I've neglected my blog once again. I can't believe the last post was in June. What was I thinkin'? For some unknown reason I forgot to record our trip to Ohio, our visit from Neal and Emily and the many trips to Bowling Green to move Amber back home. I didn't record how super excited I was to have her back in the house for awhile after missing her all these years while she finished her degree. I didn't tell you about her new boyfriend and his visit or all the times that Hannah's boyfriend came to visit and hang out with us. Somehow I missed recording how much fun we had at the Braves baseball game with the Bacas and Mathesons or the movies we saw and the things we did. I didn't tell you about our road trip to Asheville, NC to look at apartments for Amber, Hannah and Maggie which was a wasted trip since they weren't ready to move yet but at the same time a fun road trip with my girls. Didn't mention picking strawberries and blackberries at Adam's farm or attending the Scrapbook Expo in Duluth, GA with Nicki and Tiffany.  And I guess you don't know that Russ became a deacon at church and that we adopted a second grandson here in Georgia named Micah  because he's such a sweet little guy that makes me smile. And then how we heard the sad/glad news that James Finney passed away. Sad because we will miss him but glad because he is in a better place than we are. I neglected to tell you about my great nephews coming by to have dinner with me or the frustrations I felt over my computer virus attack.  And how did I forget to tell you about getting to see my favorite baby in the whole world Mr. Liam as he turned three months old. His smiles and laughter made August a pretty special month.  I read a bunch of books, walked a lot of walks and did a little scrapping.  But I guess you didn't know that because for some reason I haven't posted in this blog since June.  It's a good thing I did a scrapbook about this summer or you might have missed out on a lot of the details of what a great summer 2011 was.  But now it's fall and the leaves are starting to change so I'm thinkin' I'd better try to be a better blogger for fall or who knows what you'll miss out on.  I just started my birthday challenge of 52@52 with a list of 52 things to accomplish this year.  Maybe I'll tell you all about it in my next post but if you're curious in the meantime, you can read all about it here: .

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