Saturday, June 18, 2011

Organizing Pictures is an Endless Job

Big Picture ClassesFor the past three or so years I've been watching as the Library of Memories class comes to Big Picture Classes and thinking that I'd really like to take the class.  The price was always a little higher than I wanted to pay.  I think it was over $100 or so.  Stacy Julian has always inspired me anytime I hear her speak.  She and I think a lot alike so I've been drawn to this class for awhile.  Several years ago I bought her book "Photo Freedom" to learn a little about her system of organizing photos and began to rearrange the way I scrapbooked.  Still I've never quite been satisfied with my system of organizing and have become more intrigued by Stacy's after hearing others talk about it.  Last month she became advertising a revised version of her Library of Memories class and has called it "Photo Freedom".  She lowered the price quite a bit and has also added in more information on storing digital photos and how she works her organizing system with those.  So for my summer class I FINALLY took the plunge and registered for "Photo Freedom".  I was amazed by the amount of information she has compiled for the class, the time she's put into videos and handouts make the cost of the class well worth it.  I'm gradually working my way through the process and trying to keep up.  I'm already feeling a little more organized as I've started purging photos that are blurred or just plain ol' bad shots from my computer.  I can see already how this can shorten the amount of time I spend looking for just the right photo for a project or deciding what to scrap next.  I'm only on the third week of the class but I am so glad I signed up.  Looking forward to organizing yet another part of my life.  Thanks to Stacy Julian for another inspiring class.

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