Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Today is a New Day!

I receive daily quotes through my email and I've been thinking about today's quote. It says:
Today is yesterday's effect and tomorrow's cause. (by Phillip Gribble). I've always stressed to my kids that every decision they make has a consequence. This quote just puts all that into perspective for me. Those that know me, know that about a year ago, I lost about 30 lbs that I'd been carrying around for years. I'm a person that avoids medicine at all cost and my doctor was telling me my cholesterol was high so she wanted to put me on cholesterol meds. I asked what other alternative I had and she said some had had good results from the "South Beach Diet". I told her. "I'll try that." I went and got the book and decided to make the lifestyle change into good carbs, good fats and the lbs. just fell off. It wasn't hard to do and it amazed me at how fast the lbs left when I took certain food items out of my diet like potatoes. I haven't gone back to get my cholesterol checked but I'm sure it's better because once I made up my mind to make the change, I've felt soooo much better. I was a little more lax over the winter and I've gained a few lbs back but not too much. As I looked at today's quote, I thought about this diet thing. Today is the effect of the Christmas goodies I ate but since today I've gotten myself back on the eating plan, soon I hope to see the effect of the changes I made today in the weeks to come. Nothing is ever hopeless. We're always going to have days when we don't do things exactly right but the trick is to not let the bad days of today influence the future to cause more bad days tomorrow because we are holding onto mistakes of yesterday. Today I am starting back into my South Beach Diet way of life. With the sunshine here and the flowers showing their faces, I'm refreshed once again to continue on my journey of good health and good eating habits.

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ScrapinFunatic said...


You have just inspired me to want to do the same thing. I took my daughter to the doctor yesterday and she really needs to lose some weight. We all do and we all will make the change. I have both books but they are packed away right now since the move. I will be looking for it tonight.

Thank you