Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Can Do Anything for Two Weeks

"I can do anything for two weeks" is what I told myself when I started the South Beach Diet last year. The diet starts with phase one which is a two week period of low-carb/no-carb living. In previous low-carb diets I'd tried, it was a commitment to low carbs for life and for a pasta loving girl that was too hard to commit to and as I later found out from reading something dangerous to commit to for your body's well-being. So the South Beach way seemed more doable for me. I have just now completed my second time through on phase one. Those trying two weeks are now history. I could tell I didn't lose as rapidly this time since my weight wasn't as high and I didn't need to lose as much. So this two weeks seemed a little harder because I wasn't seeing those daily changes on the scales that motivated me. I still stuck with it and am starting on phase two today. Phase Two introduces good carbs and good fats back into the diet. I lost the most weight last time with this phase because the good carbs are more fiber carbs so I felt like my system really regulated itself with that. I've never been super heavy and to many people they question why I want to lose weight. I know I feel better about myself at 140 lbs and my body shape is meant to be this size so I try to maintain it as much as possible. I also have a husband who likes to have a fit wife so I try to keep him happy by maintaining a good weight for him. I know that when I fall off the bandwagon that it's mostly due to emotional eating and I need to be conscious of that as I work myself back into my phase two lifestyle. Keeping myself busy is the main key to success in this venture for me. That's why summer is usually a more successful time for me to revamp my weight loss. I'm always more busy in the summer months and I love eating salads and fresh fruits and veggies when they are in season. Russ and I love to go hiking and on long walks in the summer and that also helps to ease the worry about what I eat. I've learned through each of the times I've done the weight loss cycles that I can do anything if I put my mind to it but I have to be committed to the process before it will ever work. I was committed last summer to get my cholesterol down and the weight was a side-note to that. I avoid medicines at all cost and the threat of a cholesterol medicine ruling my life was enough to make me determined that I would find another way. If I am going to be a healthy golden ager, I have to make it happen myself. It all starts with now and I can do anything if I'm determined enough.

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