Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Scraproom Pictures

Here are a few more scraproom pictures. I'm still rearranging as I see what I use the most. My dresser is filled with stamps. I've really become quite a stamp collector. So far I'm really liking my peg board. It is so nice to have all my tools at my fingertips. I spend a lot of time in this room so the TV and stereo are a must have. No real room for expansion so I guess I need to start using some of my stuff so I can buy more. I've been collecting all the "word signs" for inspiration around the room. My envelope/pocket/coluzzle templates are in the file organizers above my scanner. I plan to decorate the "memories" word and the RU letters with patterned papers. I'm will get that done eventually. My computer is at the window since I spend a lot of time there. I can look outside and enjoy my mountain view while I chat on the computer.

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