Monday, October 25, 2010

True Stories Assignment-Day One

I've decided to use this banner to signify when I am doing a blog post for one of the  class assignments.  Today's assignment gave us four possible themes to write on.  I've chosen the question "What Advice Would you Give someone you would like to help."
"Just in case" are words that go through my mind everytime I work on a  new scrapbook page. When you two were growing up, I always worried that I might not get the opportunity to see you both grow up.  I've always known that life is not guaranteed for any of us and so I continue to write journal entries, produce scrapbook pages which express my love for you and prepare scrapbooks about who I am so that my future grandkids will at least know me if I develop alzheimers or meet an untimely death.  Morbid? maybe but I always have liked to be prepared for all things and one thing that I'm sure about is that when it is my time to leave you, I want to make sure you know how much I love you, how very much you have blessed my life and what I've learned along the way that might help you in your own lives.  I just spent a wonderful week at Jekyll Island with my two favorite girls in the whole world.  I love watching you two play and have fun.  Your laughter is music to my ears.  My wish for you has always been that you three would all be close and learn to rely on each other and share your lives with each other.  The bond of sisters is something to be nourished and cherished.  I hope you will each do your own part to keep up a close relationship with each other.  Call each other regularly.  Try to talk at least once a week.  Make sure that you visit each other at a minimum yearly....more often if you can.  Devote one week of your vacation time to the sisterhood.  Rent a condo on the beach or a cabin in the mountains and just take time to reconnect and share your lives.  My Mom just recently took a trip to visit her sister who is two years older than her.  They are now 86 and 88 and getting feebler with each year. They are both near the end of their lives but they have remained close through 86 years.   I cherish the pictures of them together so excited to see each other and visit and talk.  I wish that for you two as well.  I hope some day this will be you two anxious for a chance to be together and laugh about all your memories.  May you always cherish each other and maintain that bond of sisters no matter what you face in life.  Share your good times and your bad and always be there to help and support each other.  I cherish my time with you both.  I treasure every memory you've given me in my heart.  I'm so thankful that God blessed me with two of the most beautiful daughters I could ever hope for.  I love you both and am proud of the women you have become. 

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