Monday, October 25, 2010

Another New Class

As fall comes upon us, I've been settling down for a little more serious scrapping time.  I just finished my Cathy Z. class (Me the Abridged Version) which I am still finishing up the album for the class.  And my "Book of Stories" from Big Picture Classes.  I kept up with the reading and some of the exercises on this class but I still need to develop my story saving/sorting book.  I hope to be able to finish up the Cathy Z book this week and then concentrate on the Story sorting system as well as begin to work on the Jessica Sprague Heritage class.  Sometimes I sign up for these classes when things are quite busy so I try to push myself to go back and finish them up as soon as possible so I get my money's worth from the class.  I've got many projects to complete this winter.  Just waiting for the weather to turn colder so I can hibernate inside.  This week I'm starting yet another class developed by my UK scrapping buddy, Shimelle.  I try to support her in all her classes since she is a friend and I want to see her succeed in her business. (Plus, her projects are some of the favorite ones I've completed so her ideas and style) She always inspires me.  Sometimes I follow right along with the class and sometimes I end up playing catch up later.  Some I still have yet to finish projects for.  Her latest class is called "True Stories" and it is a journaling class.  I may use my blog as a place to complete some of the assignments but I look forward to doing more writing this month.  I think I need to just spend a day and thoroughly clean my house so I can sit down guilt-free and have some solid scrapping time.  I can always convince myself of things I need to clean or do before I can sit and scrap.  I got the laundry done and bathrooms cleaned today so after ladies bible class in the morning, I hope to come home and get back to my class projects.  I am really loving my "Abridged Version" book.  I chose to do mine on Russ and I and call it "We" the Abridged Version.  Cathy made the project so easy to complete.  I just need to take an evening and write the rest of my entries and print out my pictures and I will get it done quickly.  Looking forward to yet another Shimelle class.  If I can keep up that's one less project I'll need to do later.

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