Thursday, January 08, 2009

Trying to Finish Old Projects

When Cory turned 21 (he's now almost 23) I started this book as a gift to him. I got the core of the book finished and gave it to him but told him I had planned to write letters to him in all the many nooks and crannies so he could read them occasionally and get a little motherly advice when he needs it. I've written some of the letters but am still trying to finish the rest of them. My goal is to give it to him again on his 23rd birthday with all the letters completed. Amber is turning 21 this year and I'm hoping to get some sort of book started for her as well. Just need to get this project finished first. Several of my UK friends check this blog occasionally so I figured you'd probably like to see a few of my projects on here instead of having to read about my life all the time so this is for you. Here's one of my ongoing projects I'm working on. The book is using the song "unwritten" as a theme. I like the lyrics to that song that say only we can write our own stories. It's all a blank slate and unwritten until we write on it. I thought that was a good message for Cory who is embarking on his adult life. (a new journey of growing for him). Each page has pockets and tuck-ins for letters to go.
I've put in a variety of pictures and quotes to make it more interesting. Some pockets have tags with quotes on them as well as a letter. My goal was to have many ways to tell him what I want him to learn in life. When I start projects like this, I guess I make them based on what I always wished I had from my parents or grandparents. I hope that even if he doesn't appreciate this now that maybe somewhere along the way my distant ancestors will find this and learn a little bit from me even if Cory chooses to ignore it all (which I don't think he will). Wouldn't it be fun to find a book like this written by a great-grandma about all she'd learned in her life? I think about that a lot.
I try to make projects that will be timeless and mean something to others once I'm gone. It's my way of leaving a bit of myself behind. A way to leave a legacy for my kids and grandkids. My focus in scrapbooking has changed through the years from recording events and birthdays to now recording life for future generations. I'm really liking the trend towards scrapping the "everyday" things of life because lets face it, big events aren't really what life is all about. It's all those everyday little things that make up who we are. So this is my little "gift of love" for Cory.
He's embarking on a new chapter of his life this year. He plans to marry his "true love" in May so he will be learning a lot in the next few years. Who knows maybe my next project will be an advice book on marriage. Hope this will inspire you to record a little something more personal this month for your kids. Imagine what you'd like them to know if you were no longer here and let that inspire you to leave them with something they can hold onto...a piece of case something ever takes you away from them before you are ready.
Now, I'm off to get this finished and begin plans for Amber's book. The projects never end do they? That's what I love about this hobby. You can always find something new to create. My other big project for this year is Hannah's graduation book. Some of you saw the one I did for Cory with "advice for life". Amber's was titled "keys to a good life" and Hannahs's will be the ABC's of Life. I think I'm up to H now so I've got a ways to go but at least it's started. The rush is now on to get it finished by May along with a cookbook for Stephanie (my future daughter-in-law) by May as well.

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