Friday, January 16, 2009

Online Classes

One of the ways I keep myself inspired in the wintertime is to take some online classes that I can do from my home. Face it, in Colorado you never can tell what the weather will do so I have to be prepared for many hibernation days in the winter months. Sometimes I do them right along with the class and other times, I save the materials and do them at my leisure. Some I have not finished the projects for and some I have completed everything for the class. Since I do a lot of teaching of classes, people are always looking to me for inspiration but sometimes it is nice to just sit back and learn from someone else. There are so many awesome scrappers out there that have so much to teach me so I enjoy the chance to learn from them. One of my favorite people is Shimelle Laine. I met Shim while living in England and we used to meet up at various weekend crops with our UK scrapping friends. She also used to run an online store in the UK which I would order from when I needed extra supplies. I always enjoyed sitting around looking at her books at crops and being inspired by her work. Shortly before I left the UK I gave her a ride home from one of the weekend crops and she told me she was planning to start doing online classes. I was fascinated and couldn't wait for her to get them started. I've taken quite a few of her classes and have loved every one. If you want a little inspiration for your winter, go to her blog and get involved in her next online class starting in February. Here's her blog address: She also currently has a "free" online class called "This Year" that you can participate in now to try out her classes and see what she has to offer.
My second favorite online classes come from Jessica Sprague. Her classes are well worth every penny you pay for them. She teaches Digital Scrapbooking classes that in my opionion are the best out there. With each class you will get video tutorials for every new technique and these are available to you forever. So if you can't finish the class during it's allotted time, you can go back at anytime and finish and have all the videos available for refreshers as needed as well.
I'm currently signed up to do her "Type + Writer" class that starts in April. I was able to see some of the projects done in that class through a lady that came into our store and they were amazing as always so I'm excited to start her classes this spring. You can find her classes at:
My third source of inspiration are the Big Picture Scrapbooking classes. I usally try to take several of these each year. Currently I'm enrolled in the January " A Life Well-Crafted" class with Kolette Hall. I'm totally enjoying this class as well although I'm getting a little behind because of being sick this week. I also signed up for a couple of the "projects now" classes that I need to get caught up with. These you can take at anytime. You can find their classes at:
So many little time.....but I'm definitely inspired with a lot of new ideas. Perk up your winter and come join me in some online classes.

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