Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Engagement

I had them re-enact the asking part for me to take a picture. Wanted a few close-ups of the ring too. They were all smiles that night. It was nice to see Cory so happy. He's had a lot of ups and downs with girls but I've always said that he is happiest when he has a girl at his side. He's meant to be married. I guess you could say that Stephanie helped him "find his smile" and that makes me happy. She has told me before How much she loves my son and I told her that has always been my wish for him to find someone that loves him as much as I do. I think she will be a good wife for him. She has her priorities in order and places Christian, wife and motherhood as her top priorities. That has impressed me from the start. Many girls her age now are all about getting that top career and being independent so it was refreshing for him to find someone who is going to be a dedicated wife and mother and who will work with him towards achieving a goal of heaven. Here are a few more pics from the night.

Here's Cory with his "what do I do now?" pose. And then a nice one of him hugging his girl. They make such a cute couple.
I guess this will be a busy winter with wedding plans in the works. Luckily most of that will fall to her family but I'm sure I'll be involved in some way too. They haven't set a date yet but they want to try to have it sometime in May or early June.

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senovia said...

Oh Donna! I just checked out to see if you've posted lately and I caught up on all of your stories. I'm so sorry you are having so many problems with the house and all the money (geez- you put out a lot of money!). On the other hand, congrats to Corey! I'm so glad you posted and I read this today. My prayers to you and Russ, and your family! :) Hugs!